ThermaVein Threadvein Removal

ThermaVein Treatment FAQ's

How long does the treatment take? - Up to 15 minutes

How many treatments do I require? -1 treatment unless condition is extensive. A 6 week follow up is required

How long before I see a result? -  Results are instant  

Do I need a consultation? - Yes prior to treatment

How long is the recovery period? - Redness/dryness of the area treated can occur for up to 10 days depending on skin types. This is due to the inflammatory response of the vein being absorbed

Who can't be treated? - Pregnancy, Epilepsy, and false tan wearers

Is it painful? -  A slight pinching sensation can be felt 

What areas can be treated?  - Face and legs

Is there any aftercare? - Aloe Vera is recommended 

Can I wear make up post treatment? - Yes, immediately after 

Can I go in the sun post treatment? -Yes 

Can it treat all skin complexions? - Yes, all skin types  

Does it remove the redness as well as veins? - The veins are removed therefore redness may reduce but may not disappear

Stand alone treatment - £75.00 includes follow up appointment 6 weeks post treatment

Course of 6 treatments - £300.00


ThermaVein is known as the world leader in the treatment of cosmetic veins so Orchid Aesthetics is delighted to introduce this treatment to Sunderland and the wider North East.


It provides instant, safe and permanent removal of facial thread veins, milia, skin tags, vascular blemished and spider naevi.


ThermaVein gets you instant results at a competitive price. It's the gold standard in thread vein removal and the results are permanent although new veins may come back elsewhere on the area treated.