What's New in 2020

Derma FNS - Fractional Needling

What is Derma FNS indicated for:

  • Skin Tightening

  • Acne Scars including Ice pick and Box scars.

  • Significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

  • Tighten and minimise pore size (used in conjunction with Retinol)

  • Reduce and revise stretch marks -used in conjunction with growth factors

  • Alopecia (Results are variable in Published Data)

Price £175.00 per treatment - (Including Home care Treatments) Buy 2 get 3rd half price


Saxenda (SKINNY JAB)

Indicated where clients have tried various diets and fitness regimes to no avail and are contemplating Bariatric surgery. Saxenda offers a Prescription alternative to aid weight loss.

For further information please call to book a free consultation 0191 3660302

  1. We have a new Spa therapist Rachel who will be concentrating on Massage -Indian Head and Body Massage for those who like to relax.

  2. Emma our Nail Artist is fast becoming very popular in Orchid Aesthetics - excelling in Gel extensions that do not damage the nail bed.

  3. We are hoping to achieve CQC Status in the next few weeks -therefore we are working very hard to ensure this happens seamlessly WATCH THIS SPACE