Timeless Rejuvenation with MINT™ 


Thread lifting involves the insertion of threads into the skin, and as such is now deemed as a Surgical Procedure. It must be carried out by a healthcare medical professional who is registered with CQC  (Independent Regulator of Health and Social Care in England).


How does it work?

It lifts and tightens sagging skin through the implanting of 3D Cogs, creating a network which acts as a support for the tissue.


The treatment provides an immediate lifting effect, stimulates skin rejuvenation, and improves the appearance of minor wrinkles and loose skin.

Prices vary depending on area and type of threads being used. 


- Upper Face
- Lower Face 
- Neck 
- Brow Lift 
- Cat & Fox Eye 

- Cheek 

- Lip 
- Non surgical Rhinoplasty

- Full Face Lift 

Prices on consultation. 


- Long-lasting results

- Little risk of adverse reaction

- Minimal downtime

- No incision

- Softens sagging, folding, or hollowing in the mid-face

- Tightens jowls along the jawline

- Excellent alternative to surgical options

Consultation is required prior to treatment.